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Frost-MC Network, A PvP Factions Minigames server and a GTA Server

Hello guys,

Today we have reset all Gangs. This has been done in order to allow for building in Wasteland. You can now re-create your gangs (/f help or /gangs help). We have also added a shop (/warp shop) where you will be able to buy (not sell) resources to build with! Please feel free to give us any feedback, suggestions or issues regarding this update.

Hope to see you all online,
Hello guys,
Please sell your old FAF Ammo (iron doors) at the sell shop and buy the new FAF Ammo (Cyan dye). This will allow you to stack it! The opportunity to sell will be gone in 7 days. Many more updates will be coming in the coming days! Enjoy the event while it lasts!
Hello guys,

We will now be doing monthly facebook giveaways. To enter each month simply post a picture on your wall (with your minecraft name) of you (and your friends) at Frost MC Network, tag your facebook friends and in 150 words or less tell us why you love Frost MC Network. And finally add the server ips, #FMC_FB_GiveAway and #FrostMCNetwork

The winner of the give away will be drawn on the first tuesday of every month. Make sure you repost a new Pic each month to enter the draw!

Prize : $10 voucher at our donation store
Next prize drawn on the 4th of August!
Hello guys,

You may have noticed that today at GTA that we have added some chests and parkour. This is all apart of our even which we are starting TODAY! Each of the chests can be accessed every 24 hours and all contain different rewards! We have also added new gunz which are bought from "Zombrex" who lives on the ship!

Thanks to KeepitKool1 for making most of the components in this event!
Hello guys,

We have recently added a new section on our website: Resources. This section will have:
  1. GTA gun information : here
  2. GTA user commands : here
  3. PvP factions user commands : coming soon
We hope that this section will be able to assist you in game!
Hi Guys,

The website will be going under heavy maintenance, here are the things that have been completed and things that are on the to-do list.

Added Forms for Player Reporting and Ban Appeals available @
New Voting page @
New Feature Slider
New Applications Page @
Added a widget to the front page displaying the server IP's
Finished creating Applications Forms For Public Use
**Note, Now you MUST apply for your rank through the applications page located in the nav bar**
Added an Image to the Feature Slider :)

New Bugs:
Unspecified Error when interacting with he forums. This is currently not a priority because it is simply an 'error' and whatever your trying to do will still be applied.

Bug Fixes:
Buttons Not Being In Line
Not being able to create new threads
Unspecified Error Fixed
Cloudflare Interferance Fixed
Text box editor not showing Fixed
SSL Is now fully compatible with

To Do List
Finish creating Applications Forms For Public Use
Add some images into the feature slider :p

Complete Resources and Wiki for the website

*PLEASE NOTE* Some avatars may have been 'removed' or 'lost' when I upgraded the website. This is very unfortunate since I will not be editing and adding back in the avatars lost. So if your avatar is lost YOU MAY re-upload your own avatar to use.



Hello guys,
We will be updating the GTA server on the 22nd of June at 2400 GMT+0 ETA : 3 Hours.
In this update we will be updating the server version to 1.7.x AND 1.8.x at the same time. We have also added player shops which can be accessed at ./warp trade.
More Gunz and updates to the texture pack will be made in the coming days too!
Hello guys,

Just a reminder that this month at Frost MC PvP Factions we will be giving the top players the choice of either keeping the rank that they would normally acquire for one month or the rank three below it permanently.

We will also be rewarding top players from next month on in GTA too.

Visit for more information:
PvP Factions