Frost-MC Network

Frost MC Network is an ever-growing network which currently comprises of a PvP Factions Minigames server and Prison server with pixelmon and GTA coming soon. We strive to provide servers which are both enjoyable and lag free.

Lag Free

Our Servers

PvP Factions Minigames

This server is a PvP, raiding, soup and griefing factions server. It has a balanced economy where you can buy and sell items to earn buy. Furthermore it has mcMMO which allows you to gain skills to make yourself stronger and more “experienced”. We also have an ever-growing amount of minigames. We currently have: MobArena, Paintball , Spleef, Skyblock, Plotme and skywars with much more coming soon. IP : PLAY.FROST-MC.NET

Prison Server

The Prison server is predominantly a server where you mine, gain materials and PvP others to rankup. You are able to make buildings and other creations in your plots, which you can buy. Furthermore it has mcMMO which allows you to gain skills to make yourself stronger and more “experienced”. IP: PRISON.FROST-MC.NET

Our Services

Lag Free

Frost MC Network uses Intel Xeon E5 – 1650 v2 processor to provide a lag free experience for our players. As well as light-weight plugins and a high performance Minecraft Java Archive

24/7 Uptime

Frost MC Network ensures that we have 24/7 uptime to ensure that our players are able to join and play our servers at all-time (except during the daily restart).

Server Stability

Frost MC Network uses only the best RAM, CPU and Storage systems with blazing fast DDR3 RAM and SSD Storage to ensure that all of you have no lag. Our Intel Xeon E5 – 1650 v2 processor are unparalleled. In addition we have enterprise DDoS protection to ensure our servers are always online.

Solid support

Our staff work around the clock to ensure that we are able to help you with any issues both in game and on the forums. We aim to provide fair analysis of ban appeals and bad player reports.


  • This server has a great, humorous community, a well set of staff and excellent game play. I feel like I’m back in Asia[craft] again, though the players may lack, but that’ll change when you actually start playing the server and see that behind its flaws you’ll get addicted to it. 

    Unic0rnb0i “Leader of Oblivion”
  • I’ve been playing in the server for almost a year, I‘ve met a lot of people. The server is awesome, the owner is kind, honest and has great ideas! A lot of people like the server as it has skyblock and many arcade games. The server is intense because of TheRevenge *yeah that’s my faction*(we named it the revenge because we take Revenge and we do not rage and quit like others … they’re losers) and you need to work hard to get what you need.

    RubicsCubics “Moderator of The Revenge”

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Frost MC Network is run by the very finest in the Minecraft server community. We have a strong passion to develop Minecraft servers, by providing lag free and enjoyable servers to play on. We are firm believers that a good server stems from powerful hardware, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our servers are unparalleled.

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