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Dear Frost MC Network Community,

We regret to announce that we will be discontinuing the GTA/GunZ server. We do not take this decision lightly, but believe that this is in the best interests of the long term future of the server. The GTA server has proved to be a success over the last year with many thousands of people joining and enjoying the unique experience offered on the server.

To those who made it their home, we hope that you continue to stay with us, at Frost MC. Our PvP Factions server is very much still in full swing. Any donations made will be transferred from the GTA to PvP Factions server.

Although this is a sad moment in the history of our server, we will leave everyone with something to think about. It is in these times that you often stare so long at a door that is closing that you see too late the one that is open. We encourage everyone to give the PvP Factions server a shot, considering the close relations and similar experience which can be gained on it.

Bossminer & DarkKnight
Hello Guiz,

In support of our continued effort to increase the accessibility of information regarding both servers we have decided to create a Facebook Group, it can be joined by going here.


We can confirm that GTA has had some minor damage delt to it. Player data, ranks etcetera have not been touched however. We take hacking very seriously at Frost MC Network and are looking into this situation with an open, but direct mind. We currently do in fact know who has done it to about 90% accuracy. Once this information is confirmed very severe punishments will be dealt to the offenders. Despite saying this, there is no need to fear that there will be another attack at any server, PvP & GTA. We apologize for any inconvenience. ETA - 24 hours.

Frost MC Network

P.S Messages sent regarding this will NOT be replied to. Comment below if there are any questions or comments.
All moderator applications will be looked at just prior to the GTA reset. If you wish to apply, you should submit your application prior to the 25th of April. This goes for both servers. ​
Hello guiz,

This will be a relatively brief post in regards to the event, more details will be posted closer to the commencement of the event which is to commence at exactly Midday (GMT+0) this coming Monday. The "event" will incorporate many different aspects in terms of how we give out the top 10 places and rewards in the update, this will range from votes on the server to PVE kills achieved, all of which will be weighted differently. Exact details will be posted in the next post regarding this event.

During the course of the event, we will also commence releasing snapshots of information regarding the update. This will occur every 24-72 hours. Today, will also be releasing some information. Firstly, we are going to confirm that this update will reinforce the server's status as a GunZ server not a GTA server, however it will have additional features which may be seen as more GTA type features. Furthermore, the server is currently holding a 33% off pre-reset sale, all items donated for are in fact retained in the reset (no coupon required). Lastly, crates will be utilized in the update.

[update] - 10/April
The following forumula will be used to calculate people's total score and thus decide who gets what place. Please note only the top 10 placing people in each of the different sections will have their total scores calculated.


A= playtime
B = PvP Kills
C = PvE Kills
D = Rank tier (E.g Private = 1, Private II = 2 etc)
E= number of votes
F=Account Balance

Please note this is for the time period April 11 Midday GMT+0 to June 2 Midday GMT+0 ONLY*
*ONLY Account Balance & Ranks gained prior from this time period will be included.
[update] - 14/April
Building information:
A world, such as "wasteland" with free building will be removed. Instead, the option to buy apartment rooms, Suburban houses and Warehouses at special request will be...
We thank both Moyye & MichBent for the many contributions which they have made during their time as staff on the server.

The former of which has been with the network as staff for just over two years before he chose to step down recently. He has made multiple long-lasting contributions to the server and his presence in the staff team will be greatly missed.

The latter has also been a highly energetic member of staff for the period which he held the position. ​