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Hey everyone,

We're always trying to make the server the best experience we can for all of it's users. We work off of your suggestions and experiences to try to improve all aspects of the server in any way we can. Regarding this, we would like to know what minigames you guys like, and if there are any that you don't! Please select the minigame you like the most and we will try as best as we can to run off of those results! If you have any suggestions of how we could edit the minigames or implement new ones, they would be greatly appreciated and feel free to comment them. Thanks!

It is both frustrating and disappointing that we are here making this post - to think that one group of our very own community has gone out of their way to severely disturb, hinder and damage others' ability to enjoy the server unprovoked is truly a nadir.

For all who have been affected by this indecent act, although we are currently still investigating it we are able to do the following.

1. Money transferred returned
2. (Certain) items refunded*
3. (Homes will be looked into)

At this stage, we have verified BattBulldog & kinzix's stories in regards to being hacked. We are working on verifying MRG & MichBent's reports. Please note that all posts made about this in other threads will NOT be replied to by us. Please comment below. This is to keep all relevant information together.

We understand that due to how much your accounts have been affected you will want them restored quickly. We aim to restore accounts as soon as feasibly possible, within 48-72 hours. We are also more than happy to work closely with players in order to gain any other lost assets in the server.

All known hackers (jersee, aaron434, Hog_Rider) have been (permanently) banned.
We suggest that all players use strong passwords, with having 8 or more characters, and also being alphanumeric with both upper and lower-case letters.

* Our item refund method aims to provide all players who have been effected with the best return possible. Essentially, we will return everything which the hackers placed into their own personal chests at the time of the hacking to one hour after the hacking of their account occured. For example, if your account was hacked from 3PM to 4PM. We will give you everything which the hackers placed in their chests from 3PM to 5PM. Please do NOT post a list of items you have lost below.

Frost MC Network
Hey all,

If we haven't been clear enough in the past, there will be resets and updates coming along the way for Frost-MC both in-game and on our multiple platforms. All of our decisions are made based on experiences, observations, and your suggestions, so we would like to see what the public community believes regarding whether we should stay in 1.8 or update to 1.9 (and above). Please be open-minded to both ends of the spectrum.

Have a great day!
Hi guys,
Most of you probably see this post and get annoyed, but this server maintenance is definitely something to look forward to. Multiple new features will be added and a number of small bugs resolved. Full change log posted after the maintenance which will occur at 4:30AM GMT+0, ETA 30-45 minutes.

Frost MC Network
Congratulations Jonharness who will be joining the staff team as a moderator!

P.S we are no longer looking for staff who are based in a timezone between (and inclusive of) GMT+4 to GMT+11, however we are looking for staff in all of the other timezones at this point in time.
Hi Guys,

I am very happy to announce that Frost MC Network will be holding a PvP Tournament in the upcoming weeks. Each stage of the PvP tournament will be decided in a "best of 3" in the earlier rounds and "best of 5" in the last two rounds of the competition, in which mcMMO will be DISABLED. However kits and arenas will be provided for these matches.

The prizes are as follow:
First Place - $250000 + 1.2 million mcMMO XP (applied to all skills)
Second place - $100000 + 500,000 mcMMO XP (applied to all skills)
Third Place - $75000 + 200,000 mcMMO XP (applied to all skills)
To help us create the draw please comment below your timezone (or if you do not know it the country in which you live in) if you wish to join, this is just used so we can prevent people from opposite time zones competing in the opening rounds.

Arenas & Kits used during the PvP matches will be released 24 hours prior to the first match which utilizes them (there are multiple arenas and kits). Last day to enter is the 16th of June 11:59 PM. Draws will be posted the following day. Please note that all times will be posted in GMT+0 as well as the timezone provided by the player(s) involved. A Maximum of 32 places are available. More details will be released with the draw.