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Hey guys,

After the recent maintenance period, we believe that the enchantment bug has been fully resolved. Thus, we are offering everyone who was involved in the issue an opportunity to get Reimbursed. For every item affected we will be providing you with 15K in game money, with a maximum of 100K. Please comment below or message us if you were affected.

Frost MC Network
Hey guys,

A scheduled period of maintenance is commencing in 10 minutes. We expect this to resolve the "enchantment bug". If you happen to loose enchants post-update, please inform a member of staff. The ETA is 45 minutes.
Please note the following additions to the reporting process:

1. Reports with video evidence that is not uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or other approved public platforms will NOT be investigated, even if there is clear hacking proof inside.
2. Large unspecified files, programs, and other questionable attachments will no longer be viewed and may even result in your thread/post being deleted without consideration.
3. This does not apply to attached screenshots or other transparent obvious files.

Our thread rules have been updated to include these points.
Hi guys,

We are happy to announce that vote crates are available in PvP Factions. The reward for voting has been adjusted slightly and is now $250 + 1 Voting Crate Key.

The following items are obtainable from the crate.

Hello guys,

We have opened applications for a senior rank within GTA. Applications should be as detailed as possible. If you believe that you are unable to demonstrate your full potential by only filling this application in, feel free to message Bossminer on Discord to discuss any additional things.

We apologize for the unforeseen downtime of approximately 6 hours recently and the inconvenience caused. We have started a mcMMO event (x2) which will last for 72 hours.
Happy Holidays from Frost MC Network! Snow-ball fights, new islands to defend and attack, new voting rewards, a "face-lift" for the sever, and several presents can be discovered in-game. A strangely familiar futuristic parkour from the past has also been re-added...
Release and Availability:
Paintball - NOW
Parkour - NOW
"Presents" (5) - NOW to NEW YEARS DAY
Vote Crates - BOXING DAY {UPDATE: delayed until after the event due to a conflict with a plugin being used in the event}
In-game Visuals Update - NEW YEARS DAY
Mnigame Arcade - EARLY NEW YEAR (...more to follow)

Donors who do not have access to the donor chest should message Bossminer093 (me)!

Please note the free coupon "#NewYear2017" is still active and will allow donation items to be obtained for 33% less.
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