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Hey all,

I write this with quite a heavy heart and many memories in mind; this was not an easy decision. However, I have chosen to leave the Frost MC staff team administrator position at least for a while. The reasons for this are quite complicated - it suffices for me to say that much of what has been going on is below my personal standards and beyond my ability to handle/control mentally anymore. I will NOT be handing out such information freely to everybody.

On the other hand, I hope I was at least of some service to the members of this community at some point in the last year(s) - whether it be my forum posts/replies/threads (yes, all 911+ of them here), my statistics, my hundreds of hours devoted on the server in game or on some FMC platform like Discord or the website, my hundreds of cheaters punished (again, please don't doubt me when I say that), my hundreds of YouTube, Vimeo, screenshots, and other uploads, my behind-the-scenes work on many different aspects of the server (from roles to ranks to kits to broadcasts to posts to editing others' posts), and just my help to players on a daily (and hourly) basis. Oh jolly, and there's much more... if only you all knew how much I contributed to this server ;)

Anyways, feel free to contact me on Discord by adding my tag: Epik#9171 (may change in the future).

Cheers and farewell everyone,

Hey all, my name's Cheeto. I and FlamingHot are now the new owners of Frost MC. We expect it to run the same as before, but of course with different leaders. I would like to thank everyone for their loyalty and dedication to the server through its many years in operation. As of now, the staff team is being reworked, with server admin FreedomKnight restored to his former position. On another note, feel free to apply for our moderator team! We are always looking for solid applicants.
Along with many other changes to the server and its online platforms, we are getting rid of the PVP3 arena completely due to past player feedback. If you have any ideas of what you want to see on the server in the future please don't be afraid to leave your suggestions below. We have some exciting new mini-games coming to the server as well. Thank you all!
- Cheeto & Flaminhot
Hey guys,

This post is made on behalf of the new owners, however I will allow them to make their own introductions. We expect the factions server to be online in the afternoon of the 19th of June (EST). All donor perks will be reimbursed, but there will be a full server reset.

Those interested in staff should apply now.

This announcement is long overdue, and for that, I can only apologise.

Frost MC has been a large part in many of our lives for the last three years. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, the players, to create an exhilarating factions experience. What was started by a small group for a bit of entertainment has come a long way and for that we thank every one of you for supporting us.

For this reason, we are open to moving the community on to new owners to keep the community together.

But, for now, we would like to extend a massive thank you to the staff team both past and present, but most importantly you, the players. Without you, Frost MC would never have been what it was.

All the best,

The server will be online for another 10 days. The website will be here for just under a year.
Hey guys,

After the recent maintenance period, we believe that the enchantment bug has been fully resolved. Thus, we are offering everyone who was involved in the issue an opportunity to get Reimbursed. For every item affected we will be providing you with 15K in game money, with a maximum of 100K. Please comment below or message us if you were affected.

Frost MC Network
Hey guys,

A scheduled period of maintenance is commencing in 10 minutes. We expect this to resolve the "enchantment bug". If you happen to loose enchants post-update, please inform a member of staff. The ETA is 45 minutes.
Please note the following additions to the reporting process:

1. Reports with video evidence that is not uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or other approved public platforms will NOT be investigated, even if there is clear hacking proof inside.
2. Large unspecified files, programs, and other questionable attachments will no longer be viewed and may even result in your thread/post being deleted without consideration.
3. This does not apply to attached screenshots or other transparent obvious files.

Our thread rules have been updated to include these points.