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Hey all,

In the past, some players have thought of the staff team as being too "slow" when responding to their applications. I would like to clarify some of these questions anybody may have regarding this topic. Firstly, we are constantly busy with simply just keeping the server at its optimal performance. There are countless processes that go on behind the scenes of the Frost-MC Network, which are indeed tedious and time-consuming. We in no condition are disregarding your comments and posts. Any comments, suggestions, and questions asked will be promptly answered as soon as we can. I appreciate you all for understanding our situation - I wish everyone to be more patient in the future with this new information.

Generally, responses from now on to most applications will follow this timeframe:

Advertiser Applications - 24 hours
Advertiser(+) Applications - 24 hours
Builder Applications - 4-7 days
Moderator Applications - 1-2 weeks
Admin Applications - 1-2 days

If by any chance your application has not been checked or properly attended to in the timeframe provided, please do not hesitate in bringing it to the attention of a staff member.

Have a great day.

Hey everyone,

As you all may know, the GTA and PVP Factions servers have traditionally hosted monthly events for almost a year now. We are very happy to announce the fact that this event schedule will be continued - with some changes - in the future for both servers. The schedule of any server events will follow a strict alternating order every month, so both GTA and PVP Factions will have an equal amount of time to host these occasions. Starting this March, PVP Factions will start the first event, followed by GTA the next month.

Stay safe!




FreedomKnightMC (GTA)


DeepFreez (GTA)
Kim (PvP)
LebronJames (GTA)
MichBent (GTA)
Millsy (GTA)
Moyye (PvP)
Rexon (GTA)

Hello Guys,

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! We have extended the world-border at PvP Factions to allow everyone to explore more of the world!
Hey everyone,

Frost-MC has always been on the lookout for applicants who fit its requirements fully in-game and without. As of now, both the PVPFactions server and GTA will be looking for ideal candidates for recruitment as moderators. Both servers are in total hiring at least 3+ players to the staff team. The deadline for ANY moderator applications will be January 25th - after that, no applications will be considered.

Good luck!
Hello guiz,

What a year 2015 has been! The additions of the GunZ server, a major server reset at PvP Factions mid year, drastic changes to our website as well as the other changes/additions truly sums up how busy this year has been!

As everyone eases into their summer/winter holidays we would like to wish every a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! Now, before we ramble on about what we have in store for you in 2016, we would first like to thank everyone for their support and belief in Frost MC Network. The many generous donors, who have aided us in keeping Frost MC Network, the numerous number of people who continuously provide us with constructive suggestions and feedback is amazing, and of course those who vote every single day to help us advertise, just to name a few!

With 2015 coming to a close, we enter a period of time, which we like to celebrate - the great year we have had, give everyone an eye opener to the new year as well as remember what Christmas is truly about - giving. Because of this we have made the following changes to the server until the end of January!

  1. Double voting (PvP)
  2. Triple Voting (GTA)
  3. Triple Mob Drops (GTA)
  4. Double mcMMO leveling up speed (PvP)
  5. Double rank up speed (GTA)
  6. Donations 15% off coupon : "XMAS2015"
  7. Donate for 1 get one free! *
*TAC's Apply

Major plans for 2016 (time frame not provided)

  1. Hub connector
  2. PvP Factions server split with Minigames, Skyblock & Creative Servers
  3. Addition of Kit PvP server
  4. Re-introduction of Prison server
  5. Establish and promote Official Server YouTube channel
  6. Major changes at all current Frost MC Network servers
  7. Monthly Network event schedule

Once again, we would like to thank everyone and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. We hope you look at the plans for 2016 and are as excited as we are!