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Hello guiz,

Halloween is nearly hear and we have been busy distributing jack-o-lanterns around the wasteland map, 101 in fact. Along with all of these lanterns there is also a chest 1-3 blocks away from it loaded with guns, gems and more! 25 of these chests will be refilled daily.

Other than this we have also added 3 new limited edition guns (these will NOT added to the stores after these events) will be up for sale in /bs event1. store : /bs event2 will also be open.

Note: Anyone who had completed the parkour in the last event may choose from the following guns for free:
1 x Tier 1 Halloween weapon (a)
2 x Tier 2 Halloween Weapon (b)
3 x Tier 3 Halloween Weapon (c)
1 x Tier 2 Halloween Weapon & 1 x Tier 3 Halloween Weapon (d)
Please comment (a) (b) (c) or (d) if you are one of these people.

Please note that Tier 1 is the highest

Enjoy the event! Event will commence at 11AM GMT+0 27th of October and finish on the 1st of November 11AM GMT+0​
Hello guys,

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Frost MC Network will be two years old this weekend. To celebrate this we will be holding multiple drop parties across the network, as well as announcing the Creative competition winner and holding both Semi-Finals of the PvP competition.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the network and wish everyone an enjoyable experience as we continue to enhance the network.

Stay tuned for the details!
Hey guys,

As you may have already noticed, the website has gone under a transformation and has been updated into a better, stronger and more efficient website. This design is also much more visually appealing and is coded in a great manner, so that the site can load at lightning speeds. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you guys to rate the website and provide on some feedback and suggestions for it! Hope you guys enjoy the new website :)


DarkKnight I Owner of Frost MC Network
Hello guys,

We are very happy to announce that the third GTA event will commence tomorrow the (27th of September) at Midday GMT+0. The following will be included in the event:

Parkour: 6 Looting chests

Voting: All voting related rewards will be doubled

Gunz: Additional of old event guns. Coupons for the guns of next event will be given to players who make it to the end of the parkour, make sure you screenshot a picture of yourself at the finish, with your name clearly displayed!

Mob Loots: Mob Loots will all be doubled

We hope you enjoy this event! The event will finish in exactly 7 days
Hello guys,

With the introduction of Creative we have now decided to begin a creative competition which will be judged on the 25/October giving everyone lots of time to complete their builds. The theme for the competition is "celebrations (especially birthdays!)" and should incorporate our server theme too : "frost". The competition will be judged by the server owners as well as Poppy. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will all receive prizes which will be announced at a later stage!

Happy Building!
Hello Guiz,

We are very happy to announce that Creative has been re-added at Frost MC PvP Factions. It can be access via warp creative or the arcade. A special thanks goes out to Marianne, who made the spawning area and Poppy for designing the paths. Please note that there may be one or two bugs, if you do happen to come across one, please let us know so we can fix it.

PS: A building competition will commence soon. More info released shortly.