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Hello Guys,

It would be great if everyone could use their in game name as their username on the forums, as we are rewarding everyone who registers on the forums with $15,000 in the PvP Factions server and $5,000 in the GTA server!
Forum Rules:

Only one account: You're only allowed to have one account per IP.

Illegal Materials:
The uploading of any illegal material to this site is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: violence, cracked content, sensitive information, and anything in violation of global laws. Just because it's legal where your live, it doesn't mean it's legal everywhere else.

Server IP's, links, social media information, products, or any other matter publicized through forums is considered advertising.

Disrespect/Spam: Excessive language, inappropriate content, bullying, flaming, trolling, and completely off-topic material are all evaluated when you post in this forums. Any sort of speech to insult people based on their religion, race, lifestyle, or any other is completely prohibited.

NSFW/Gore: Discussion or direct mentioning of sexual activity, nudity, violence, drugs, or related topics are not allowed in any form. Try to keep your content under PG-13.

Appeals & Reports:

No posting in ban appeals or in-game reports unless you are involved or you have crucial evidence regarding the ban or report. If you feel the need to let staff know about a report of a banned player, message them. Do NOT post in the thread. Repeated bugging, bumping, or referrals to staff members for applications or reports will not increase your chances of it being accepted.

Do not post a thread that is direct toward a specific player, this is what private messages are for.

If you are going to reply to a thread make sure it's in response to the original post, and not someone else's post.

1. Content: Signatures are great, but should be on-topic and in correspondence of our rules. We don't care if you like ponies or want us to vote for your website.

2. Size: Don't make a signature that takes more then 6 rows of standard text, roughly the area of signatures to the end of this sentence. This is to reduce the amount of text people have to read through.

Any member who does not follow said rules will be forcefully removed from the site.