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Hello guys,

MobArena #2 has been released! From spawn (or any faction world) go to ./warp mobarena2 to play!



Tip : Complete the parkour to heal all players who are in the arena!​
Hello guys,

We are making a few performance enhancing changes as well as fixing the skyblock shop bug. This maintenance break will also aid in the re-introduction of MobArena & PaintBall & Skywars.
1.11 support will be added too.

Time: 4AM GMT+0 Sunday 20/Nov
ETA: 30-45 minutes

Frost MC Network
Hey Guys,

Today I will be formally announcing the official FMC discord channel which is now available to our community thanks to Patriotic Cross and the Frost MC Network Staff team.

What is Discord?
Discord is a relatively new free instant messaging system similar to Skype, but also provides many additional features and has been built specifically for gaming communities just like FMC.

Benefits of Discord
You may be asking why you should use Discord over Skype or other instant messaging platforms. Simply put, Discord is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and artfully designed platforms with an outstanding modern UI design. Furthermore, it also does not require any download to use on a PC as you can run it in your browser.

Basics of Discord
To get started, click the "Connect" button found on the sidebar of the site (refer to the image below) and you will be forwarded to a login/sign up page. From here, create your account and instantly have access to FMC's official channel on Discord. If you have any questions, queries, or feedback about this, feel free to message us on Discord or post a comment below!

1. In certain threads and reports, players are allowed to request a lock. Simply comment "request lock" under the thread and we may resolve it according to our discretion of the situation. We do not appreciate bumping or spamming using this function; it may result in the temporary suspension of your account.

2. Tag staff members using the "@[name]" symbol in reports or threads that we either have not looked at yet or missed. For example, if you would like to tag me, use @, followed by my forums username (FreedomKnightMC). Please do not take the opportunity to abuse this system in any way.

3. Items lost to cheaters/glitching can ONLY be refunded if you provide evidence. We will not longer refund items if you simply state your items lost. On the other hand, if a staff member confirms your case (online, screensharing, etc), that will be sufficient proof for your losses.

4. Reports with video evidence and other threads/posts with questionable attachments of files or programs that are not uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or other approved public platforms will NOT be investigated, even if there is clear hacking proof inside.

5. Players who reply to any type of report, application, or appeal that is not relative to them and/or the topic can be warned, and repeated violations of this will receive a temporary forums account suspension.
Hey guys,

With November fast approaching, we are finally replacing and integrating a more fair, balanced system into our previous playtimetop monthly awards bracket. We feel that through the introduction of the Member+ rank, a larger player pool will now be able to win rewards for their playtime on the server. We strive to make everything about these new changes more resistant to AFK players, which had dominated the playing field in the past.

Member+ Rank Information:
- The top 10 players who have played the most (in hours) will receive Member+
- All winners will have prefix changes and their names posted on a monthly awards thread
- All winners will receive prizes, permissions, and exclusive rewards of the Member+ rank (full awards list will be announced along with the top ten players)

Please note the playtimetop system change will be in effect starting next month.
Hey guys,

Some of you may have noticed that our Creative server spawn area is empty. We are inviting all members of the community to build something that they believe encapsulates an aspect(s) of Frost MC. The top three builds chosen will be showcased around the spawning area. Winners will also receive three extra plots AND an in-game cash prize as well.

To enter, simply comment below. We will be judging your builds on the 12th of November, giving everyone plenty of time. Please note the results will be posted HERE.

Happy Building!

Frost MC Network
Hi guys,

We strive to create a clean, hack-free server for everyone to enjoy. To step up our commitment to making this reality, we are now restricting the number of unbans which can be obtained by a player through donating to 3 (three). The donated amount for the unban will also increase exponentially.

This is being implemented with immediate effect.

Frost MC Network