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Hey everyone,

We are thrilled to release our newest rank, the YouTuber, and a brief coverage of its functions and the change to the advertiser ranks system. Please note these changes will be live shortly.

Here are the current advertiser-related ranks and a short summary of their requirements (including YouTuber):

Advertiser rank
- Requires a video about the server OR invited 5 friends with 1+ hours of playtime each

Advertiser+ rank
- Requires at least 5 videos and activity dedicated to Frost-MC on your channel

YouTuber rank
- Requires at least 300+ subs on your channel OR 750+ views on a video about the server
- Must have Advertiser+ before applying

Please be mindful of any requirement changes for the ranks above. Any ranks gained before this update will remain active unless previously notified. We will be accepting applications for the YouTuber rank this weekend.
Hi guys,

Its been brought to our attention that the usage of 1.10 and 1.9 Minecraft clients on the server may be buggy. As a result, we highly suggest everyone to utilize a 1.8 Minecraft client for the time being while we smooth out some issues with 1.9 and 1.10 versions being used. As a result, we ask that anyone who encounters an unusual bug to check that they are using a 1.8 Minecraft client before reporting the bug to us.

Frost MC Network

Some issues include:

- Not being able to walk on farmland
- Issues with a few anti-hack checks most notably building upwards
Hi guys,

We expect to release Skyblock, Creative and Paintball this coming Friday. Please note that this will require a short server maintenance period of around 10 minutes. The exact time of this will be posted shortly.


NB: Minor glitches and the re-introduction of auctions will be done in this maintenance break too.
Information and release of another new rank that will replace our previous playtimetop system will be announced shortly! We are also working on multiple other updates that are mostly complete - these will be added a little later in the future.
We are working to fix a few plugins and features on the server right now. Warp shop will also be finished soon - be patient! If you discover any bugs with the server after our patch please do not hesitate in creating a thread. Your feedback is very much appreciated!
Aside from the many interesting new plugins and features waiting to be released in the near future, we are currently re-working the advertiser ranks system and requirements. Expect some new ranks to be announced very soon!
Hi Guys,

In the coming days, Frost MC will be undergoing a full server update apart of the series of updates celebrating our 3-year anniversary. However, this means that the server will be offline for a short period of time spanning from the 2 October 3AM GMT+0 to approximately 3 October 3AM GMT+0. In addition to the already released images of the creative, PvP and skyblock updates a full changelog will be released shortly.

All donation items can also be gained at 30% off with the coupon code “3years”, this will be available until the 17th of October. We thank you for your ongoing support and hope to exceed your expectations in this update! Feedback/comments on the updated website, which we hope everyone has been able to navigate easily are also very much welcome!

Frost MC Network

Please note: This will be a FULL server update meaning that inventories, in-game currency, and mcMMO etc. will be reset. Donor items, mcMMO, ranks are re-credited upon joining. Top voter ranks will be distributed AFTER the reset.