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There is currently a small bug with the polls and applications. Automated messages have been sent regarding the status of applications. Unless the status of an application has its prefix changed within the forums, your application has not had a decision made. We are currently working to solve this issue.

Our completely new and renovated creative plots will be only the surface of what we have been working on lately. Get ready!

Another wonderful addition which will be placed in the updated skyblock server! Stay tuned on the announcements page for more pre-update leaks!

We are excited to leak an update screenshot of the newest PvP arena build. We congratulate our builders, who have worked hard to make these from scratch. Stay tuned for many more to come!
Dear Community,

Due to the server-wide abuse of the AFK system and rules currently implemented, we have decided to remove the monthly playtimetop system and rewards indefinitely. To compliment this, we are working on adding replacement rank(s) and other fun rewards in the future, so your playtime will still matter - whether or not you choose to AFK.

Have a great day.

Hey everyone,

This is the official chart guideline the forums staff will follow when punishing players in violation of our server rules. Please be aware and mature if you receive one; you may not be given a second chance. Please note these rules also apply to private messages. Be warned!

Advertising (1 point):
Anything that takes the form of server ip's, links, Youtube, Twitch, or any other matter that is made public through posts, threads, private content, or signatures is in violation of this topic issue. Nevertheless, you may contact any of the elder staff via private message to make exceptions on certain things, but only then may you do so! Please be careful when making anything public!

Plagiarism (1 point):
Plagiarism is most essentially stealing. This includes but is not limited to claiming another's content, pictures, builds, channels, or any sort of writing as your own. If you choose to post something made by someone else, please on all accounts give credit where credit is due!

Illegal/Pirated Content (1 point):
Just because it isn't illegal in your country, it doesn't mean it's not wrong. We have members on this forum that are from all around the world. Not only that, we are not going to be responsible for any damage, liabilities, legalities, or anything else concerning you from cracked/illegal downloads, files, or anything else, even though we are the platform you use and operate on. Please don't share ANY of this kind of material to forums publicly at all costs.

Disrespect (1 point):
Any sort of excessive language usage, inappropriate remarks, bullying, belittling talk, or speech used to conditionally or unconditionally hurt and insult people based on their beliefs, race, sexual orientation, playstyle, or any other category are abusive, unacceptable, and disrespectful to both us and the players you directed your post, thread, message, status update, or private message toward. We by all accounts will not treat this lightly!

NSFW or Gore Content (1 point):
Any discussion or mentioning of sexual activity, nudity, objectification or any human gender/body parts, including those that are implied, are strictly prohibited. Likewise, any sort of depictions of extreme gore/violence, drug use, or anything considered PG-13 and above is not allowed.

Spam or Off-Topic Content (1 point):
Any form of spam, such as multi-threading, multi-posting, and excessive posting of any material is considered spam. Similarly, uploading irrelevant or meaningless material or posting to the wrong sections is also not allowed. Please do not post irrelevant or off-topic information in random applications or threads unless you are involved or have evidence for it! If for some reason some of your content is deleted or edited, please do not revert or re-post it, as it most likely was done so for a valid reason.

Mini-modding (1 point):
We fully encourage players to be involved in the community and to assist with each other's problems. While we love a community that helps one another, we prefer you to refrain from acting as a staff member with things such as deciding thread statuses, answering reports, or any other executive actions we only have permissions to complete. Leave those duties to the real forums staff.

Farming for Stats (1 points):
Self explanatory. We strongly discourage any sort of this business, but will be gracious as long as you don't abuse the system. Farming for statistics can range from multi-accounting to simply multi-posting or spamming the "recent posts/status updates" sidebars by necro-posting and/or bumping.

Multi-accounting (7 points):
You're only allowed to have one account per person at all times, no matter what situation or state of your main account. You will be instantly punished with an permanent and irreversible suspension of your accounts upon being found out.

Trading (1 point):
Offering any sort of items for sale or trade, whether solicited or unsolicited, is not permitted in any form inside AND outside of the Frost-MC community. This may include but is not limited to Minecraft accounts, clients, third-party softwares, and in-game or IRL money. We are not responsible for scams or any other items lost as the result of this.

Suspensions and/or other punishments will be given to your account with the accumulation of certain numbers of points:

- Seven day account suspension at 5 points
- Permanent forum ban at 10 points

Points gained expire individually every 1-2 months.