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Hi Guys,

In the coming days, Frost MC will be undergoing a full server update apart of the series of updates celebrating our 3-year anniversary. However, this means that the server will be offline for a short period of time spanning from the 2 October 3AM GMT+0 to approximately 3 October 3AM GMT+0. In addition to the already released images of the creative, PvP and skyblock updates a full changelog will be released shortly.

All donation items can also be gained at 30% off with the coupon code “3years”, this will be available until the 17th of October. We thank you for your ongoing support and hope to exceed your expectations in this update! Feedback/comments on the updated website, which we hope everyone has been able to navigate easily are also very much welcome!

Frost MC Network

Please note: This will be a FULL server update meaning that inventories, in-game currency, and mcMMO etc. will be reset. Donor items, mcMMO, ranks are re-credited upon joining. Top voter ranks will be distributed AFTER the reset.




There is currently a small bug with the polls and applications. Automated messages have been sent regarding the status of applications. Unless the status of an application has its prefix changed within the forums, your application has not had a decision made. We are currently working to solve this issue.

Our completely new and renovated creative plots will be only the surface of what we have been working on lately. Get ready!

Another wonderful addition which will be placed in the updated skyblock server! Stay tuned on the announcements page for more pre-update leaks!

We are excited to leak an update screenshot of the newest PvP arena build. We congratulate our builders, who have worked hard to make these from scratch. Stay tuned for many more to come!
Dear Community,

Due to the server-wide abuse of the AFK system and rules currently implemented, we have decided to remove the monthly playtimetop system and rewards indefinitely. To compliment this, we are working on adding replacement rank(s) and other fun rewards in the future, so your playtime will still matter - whether or not you choose to AFK.

Have a great day.