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Hey everyone,

This is the official chart guideline the forums staff will follow when punishing players in violation of our server rules. Please be aware and mature if you receive one; you may not be given a second chance. Please note these rules also apply to private messages. Be warned!

Advertising (1 point):
Anything that takes the form of server ip's, links, Youtube, Twitch, or any other matter that is made public through posts, threads, private content, or signatures is in violation of this topic issue. Nevertheless, you may contact any of the elder staff via private message to make exceptions on certain things, but only then may you do so! Please be careful when making anything public!

Plagiarism (1 point):
Plagiarism is most essentially stealing. This includes but is not limited to claiming another's content, pictures, builds, channels, or any sort of writing as your own. If you choose to post something made by someone else, please on all accounts give credit where credit is due!

Illegal/Pirated Content (1 point):
Just because it isn't illegal in your country, it doesn't mean it's not wrong. We have members on this forum that are from all around the world. Not only that, we are not going to be responsible for any damage, liabilities, legalities, or anything else concerning you from cracked/illegal downloads, files, or anything else, even though we are the platform you use and operate on. Please don't share ANY of this kind of material to forums publicly at all costs.

Disrespect (1 point):
Any sort of excessive language usage, inappropriate remarks, bullying, belittling talk, or speech used to conditionally or unconditionally hurt and insult people based on their beliefs, race, sexual orientation, playstyle, or any other category are abusive, unacceptable, and disrespectful to both us and the players you directed your post, thread, message, status update, or private message toward. We by all accounts will not treat this lightly!

NSFW or Gore Content (1 point):
Any discussion or mentioning of sexual activity, nudity, objectification or any human gender/body parts, including those that are implied, are strictly prohibited. Likewise, any sort of depictions of extreme gore/violence, drug use, or anything considered PG-13 and above is not allowed.

Spam or Off-Topic Content (1 point):
Any form of spam, such as multi-threading, multi-posting, and excessive posting of any material is considered spam. Similarly, uploading irrelevant or meaningless material or posting to the wrong sections is also not allowed. Please do not post irrelevant or off-topic information in random applications or threads unless you are involved or have evidence for it! If for some reason some of your content is deleted or edited, please do not revert or re-post it, as it most likely was done so for a valid reason.

Mini-modding (1 point):
We fully encourage players to be involved in the community and to assist with each other's problems. While we love a community that helps one another, we prefer you to refrain from acting as a staff member with things such as deciding thread statuses, answering reports, or any other executive actions we only have permissions to complete. Leave those duties to the real forums staff.

Farming for Stats (1 points):
Self explanatory. We strongly discourage any sort of this business, but will be gracious as long as you don't abuse the system. Farming for statistics can range from multi-accounting to simply multi-posting or spamming the "recent posts/status updates" sidebars by necro-posting and/or bumping.

Multi-accounting (7 points):
You're only allowed to have one account per person at all times, no matter what situation or state of your main account. You will be instantly punished with an permanent and irreversible suspension of your accounts upon being found out.

Trading (1 point):
Offering any sort of items for sale or trade, whether solicited or unsolicited, is not permitted in any form inside AND outside of the Frost-MC community. This may include but is not limited to Minecraft accounts, clients, third-party softwares, and in-game or IRL money. We are not responsible for scams or any other items lost as the result of this.

Suspensions and/or other punishments will be given to your account with the accumulation of certain numbers of points:

- Seven day account suspension at 5 points
- Permanent forum ban at 10 points

Points gained expire individually every 1-2 months.
Hi all,

With many more updates and rule changes coming to the server, we are more than obliged to follow up with forums as well. Starting from when this article is published, any user that violates our forums rules will be given an official warning. These warnings can carry a certain point value, which will be determined by the severity and discernment of the forums staff member punishing. Please note we reserve the right to modify, revert, or remove any given point value of any warning to better suit it.

All material posted in the form of threads, posts, status updates, conversations, or any other related activities in Frost-MC made public to Frost-MC.net are within the jurisdiction of Frost MC Network and are therefore subject to whatever we deem fit to undertake, change, or use for evidence in any given situations.

Spam, illegal material, discriminatory messaging, inappropriate/adult topics, trolling, multi-threading, multi-posting, plagiarizing, sharing pirated content, advertising, profanity/language, multi-accounting, or abusing anything are examples of which can/will be counted as a violation of our website's rules. As stated earlier, we will give a warning point(s) to anybody who infringes these regulations. Repeated transgressions, warnings, and warning points given will result in the temporary and/or indefinite suspension of the account.

Anyone who receives a warning point will be notified privately automatically; please do not discuss or compare warning points with other players publicly. If you believe you or anyone else may have been given warning points wrongly please contact us whenever appropriate.

Have a great day,

Hey all,

I am excited to announce the addition of our newest staff rank: The T-Mod (Trial-Moderator). This new position completely changes how we recruit and accept players into the staff team, ultimately resulting in a more active and friendly community as a whole. T-Mods can be seen as something comparable to a "trial" period for players in which they can decide whether to stay or move on - given they are accepted first of course. Our junior staff team, consisting of the new staff and T-Mods, will be directed by our elder staff members, so they can all get an equal chance to grow, mature, and benefit the server positively to the best of their abilities.

To start, this rank is NOT in any way what a real accepted moderator will be; they will have largely restricted permissions and are assigned to deal with the more minor offences in-game. This way, we can accept moderator applications much faster - regardless of timezones or any other minor factors involved. Please understand all staff will continue to be held accountable for all of their actions.

The newly accepted T-Mods will then be observed for their maturity, performance, and suitability to qualify for the next stage of staffing. After 2+ weeks of their involvement with us, we will then formally interview and officially accept the players we feel are ready to join the more experienced level of our internal group.

Full implementation for this rank has already been coordinated, and more information will be released shortly.

Thank you all for participating in our unique community!

Hi all,

I am very happy to tease the implementation of a completely new rank being added to the server. This rank will change the way we recruit, observe, and accept staff members to our team, as well as how the players and server perform both internally and in-game. More in-depth information along with the release date regarding this rank will be released very soon. If you have any leads or guesses as to what this rank might be, feel free to comment them below!

Spread the word, and stay tuned!

Dear Frost-MC community,

In light of the current state of our server and website, I would like to address and acknowledge several topics over the next few days - the first of which being our reporting process. Our junior and elder staff teams work for many hours every single day on behalf of our community to improve the server, manage our online and in-game platforms, and keep the general public clean and friendly for all users - among dozens of other things just to keep the server running. I cannot even completely bring to view the amount of time we invest in you all and the network.

Recently, our server's status as being an appropriate and helpful community has begun to change. There has been a gradual increase in hateful rhetoric, abuse, and an overall decline in our morals. We cannot overlook the "small" things that, truthfully, was what made Frost-MC what we are today.

As mentioned before, this article's topic will be regarding reporting. This option is available to all players because we feel it is necessary that everyone has an equal voice to show or expose cheaters and players with any given malicious intent, including staff. Anything beyond that, such as to intentionally troll or cause unnecessary disturbances (specified later), is NOT why we implemented reporting in the first place. Another thing worth noting is that any comments that contain any sort of language or harsh wording will not help you, or the player of interest. Not only is it disrespectful and not what our community guidelines state in our terms of service, you're not getting the person punished faster or longer either. Moving on, contrary to what others may say, we do look at staff reports and consider them fully. There are always both sides of the story to note, and this takes time. As with certain types of applications, some reports may take time to evaluate as well.

Lastly, if you somehow don't understand our process, there must be clear, concise proof of the player breaching server rules. Failure to do so in any way will result in the rejection of your report. Spamming staff members or using strings of posts to get your thread looked at will not speed up or change the outcome of anything either.

We would also like to again collect as much of your suggestions or feedback as given. Any inflammatory language used will not be considered in this process. This can be done in the form of private message or through a thoughtful comment below.

I hope this has helped to make how we operate more consistent with how Frost-MC states its rules and regulations. If you have any doubts about what we have said in the past, please ask us regarding this at anytime.

Have a great rest of the week.

Hey everyone,

We're always trying to make the server the best experience we can for all of its users. We work off of your suggestions and experiences to try to improve all aspects of the server in any way we can. Regarding this, we would like to know what minigames you guys like, and if there are any that you don't! Please select the minigame you like the most and we will try as best as we can to run off of those results! If you have any suggestions of how we could edit the minigames or implement new ones, they would be greatly appreciated and feel free to comment them. Thanks!

It is both frustrating and disappointing that we are here making this post - to think that one group of our very own community has gone out of their way to severely disturb, hinder and damage others' ability to enjoy the server unprovoked is truly a nadir.

For all who have been affected by this indecent act, although we are currently still investigating it we are able to do the following.

1. Money transferred returned
2. (Certain) items refunded*
3. (Homes will be looked into)

At this stage, we have verified BattBulldog & kinzix's stories in regards to being hacked. We are working on verifying MRG & MichBent's reports. Please note that all posts made about this in other threads will NOT be replied to by us. Please comment below. This is to keep all relevant information together.

We understand that due to how much your accounts have been affected you will want them restored quickly. We aim to restore accounts as soon as feasibly possible, within 48-72 hours. We are also more than happy to work closely with players in order to gain any other lost assets in the server.

All known hackers (jersee, aaron434, Hog_Rider) have been (permanently) banned.
We suggest that all players use strong passwords, with having 8 or more characters, and also being alphanumeric with both upper and lower-case letters.

* Our item refund method aims to provide all players who have been effected with the best return possible. Essentially, we will return everything which the hackers placed into their own personal chests at the time of the hacking to one hour after the hacking of their account occured. For example, if your account was hacked from 3PM to 4PM. We will give you everything which the hackers placed in their chests from 3PM to 5PM. Please do NOT post a list of items you have lost below.

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