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Pending SolarAze1337isbanned?'s Trial-Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Trial-Moderator' started by SolarAze1337isbanned?, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. SolarAze1337isbanned?

    Jan 9, 2017
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    What is your Minecraft in game name?

    How old are you*

    What is your timezone?*
    GMT +8 SGT

    Have you joined our Discord Channel?*
    Yes. I have joined as Aurora#5641

    Have you ever been Banned? In detail explain why you got banned and how many times (if applicable)*
    Despite my name. Nope. Hopefully never. :) I made this name because my old account had errors when connecting to forums.

    Do you speak any languages other than English?*
    Yes. Chinese but very poorly.

    How long can you be on the server each week?*
    29h-35h(Holidays) 19h-23h(Non-Holidays) I may play less due to exams, projects and other and academic related activities.

    What are some problems with Frost MC and how could you improve it?*
    Some people lose interest in the server after a short period of time. They join the server, find it boring and leave after a while. I plan to combat the problem by telling them all the wonderful things they can do if they feel bored and make them feel welcomed. I would introduce the new player to the amazing moderators we have here. I would explain to them what the server offers, its mini-games and teach them about voting.

    People are periodically breaking the rules of the server. I would remind them of the rules of the server and report them to the forums with evidence such as a video or a screenshot if they continue to do so. I would help them with anger management if that is the case. Players may not understand the rules which is when I will step in and explain the rules to them. I will warn them of the consequences so as to deter them from breaking the rules.

    If players are frustrated due to losing their items, I may give them my Weekly kit just to keep them enjoying the server and quickly get back to where they left off. I would report flamers to the forums if I have clear evidence of the chat, the trade or others. I do not tolerate flamers; I came from League. XD Whether or not you are my faction or someone who has helped me, I will treat you all equally: A warning, a kick and finally a forum thread. ;)

    Additional Comments.
    Overall, I feel like I can make a huge impact in enforcing the server's rules and contribute to making the server a better place for all of us, including the new players who may not understand what the server has to offer. The server had resetted and at first, I was sad to see old things fall, but now that I think of it, it is a new journey, a new legacy that will unfold before our eyes. Let's work together to make a server even better than before, regardless of our positions, we can all do our part to make this place the best that it can be!

    * Denotes a required field.
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  2. Kim242

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    May 16, 2015
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    Good Luck My Friend :)

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